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"You are probably the most inspiring and encouraging writer for songwriters I have listened to. Thank you!" - Allison G.

I want you to know that, every week, something you have said encourages me to do one more paltry thing--another song hook, research, etc. The outlook has been bleak, for a Iong time, but the UPlook is fantastic, and I may be able to finish some much bigger things, eventually, because of your encouragement! Thank you!  - Peggy

"Thank you Eric for all your inspiration you postings. I have learned a lot from your words and act of faith in Music and God's guidance in this industry." - Sng4You

"I appreciate your desire to reach the lost with the life-saving and relevant message of Jesus Christ." - Tim Kleier

"Thanks for some very wonderful words." - Anonymous

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Eric Copeland is an author, producer, keyboardist, songwriter, and president of Creative Soul Companies. What is Creative Soul? Our main goals are to inform, encourage, and assist Christian creative folks in ministry, no matter where they are in their journey. Thanks for reading! Find out more about us at http://www.CreativeSoulOnline.com